Grad 2019

Graduation Day Schedule

Friday June 28, 2019

Time Location Activity
11:30 am CLHS Library Gown Pick Up
12:30 pm CLHS Gymnasium

Class Grad Photo

12:45 pm Arena Dressing Rooms Ceremony Assembly Point
1 pm Imperial Palace Graduation Ceremony


Graduation Write Ups

In order to assist Cold Lake High School in preparing a writeup for each graduate that will be read at the ceremony, we need each grad to please click on the following link and complete a survey:

The deadline for completing this survey is March 1, 2019.  Note: You must be logged into your NLSD Google account to complete the survey.

The organizers of the graduation ceremony also require a baby picture of each grad to be used for a slide show at the graduation ceremony.  Please email a baby picture to before April 19, 2019.



The process of selecting two valedictorians for the graduation class are explained in detail in the following document.  Click here to read about the selection process.