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January 25 Message from Mr. Walker

Please see the message here from Mr.Walker:

Hello Students and Families,


I hope that all are staying safe and warm on this true winter day. Teachers have communicated this information to students already but here are a few reminders about the exam week starting today:


  1. Exams start at 9:00 and at 12:30. Please ensure you are here 10 minutes early.
  2. Teachers have shared the exam schedule with students and reviewed it with them, but here is a link here:  It is posted around the school as well.
  3. You are only required to be at the school for the duration of your exam. If you choose to stay at school during times when you do not have an exam, you will be studying quietly in the learning commons. Please sign in and out.


School washrooms: I am requesting that all students continue to use the washrooms that they have always used in the school. Last week, the signs were removed designating male and female washrooms. These signs will be going back up for now.


Each set of three private boys stalls has two urinals which means if the one stall with a toilet is occupied, a student must leave that area of the school to find a toilet. During the Teacher’s Convention break in February, one set of washrooms will undergo some construction to create 6 separate private washrooms all with toilets. We are lucky that the school was designed with bathrooms that are equipped with door to ceiling locked doors on each room. Later in the year, and as finances allow, a second set of washrooms will be changed over. With the growing population at Cold Lake High School,  we need to have as many bathrooms as possible accessible to our students and staff.


As always, caretaking staff will make sure the bathrooms are clean and safe. Please report any specific concerns so that we can address them quickly. We have had few instances of vandalism in the past because we are diligent about following up on isolated instances when they occur. 


We are excited to start semester two on Monday, and are hoping that all our students have a great exam week. Please contact us if there is anything you need. Semester Two will start on February 1st!



Mr. Walker

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