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All students, staff and visitors are required to complete the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist before coming to school each day and follow the direction provided in the document if they answer "Yes" to any of the questions.

Student Counseling

Student Counseling

CLHS provides two major counselling services and a unique intervention process when required.

Academic Counseling

Course selection, timetable conflicts, out of province transfers and related academic issues are handled by Mrs. Jennifer Johnson.  During the year Mrs. Johnson will assist students in scheduling issues and career planning.  All grade 12 students will meet with her to verify that sufficient credits and all graduation requirements are being met.  A graduation list is released after CLHS receives the PDE results from Semester 1, usually in mid-March.  The final graduation list is released in May of the school year.

Student Advocacy Personal Counseling

Students dealing with personal crises and various other concerns can stop by the Student Services office and schedule an appointment with our Student Advocacy Counselors: Ms. Erin MacDonald (grades 9 and 10), and Ms. Lindsay Iroume (grades 11 and 12) .  Steps are taken to assist the student through issues and these meetings are held in a confidential environment. Parents can also access this service if they have concerns about their teen.  

Counselors are really important to the success of students.  Checkout the research that shows how school counselors help your child succeed.  Click Here

Calll 780-639-0039 and ask for Miss Iroume, or Mrs. Hefner.  Read More

Student Support Team

Members of the CLHS Student Support Team  including Ms. Kindra Shaw, an administrator, counselors and some staff will meet to develop a strategy of suitable interventions for individual student issues.  Students are referred to the SST by professional staff during the school year.  Often, parents or guardians are requested to attend meetings in this process, as they have a major influence in the success of a student and in supporting interventions.

Unique Programs & Workshops for Students

Stress-Anxiety Workshops  

Social anxiety is a common challenge many teens face.  Workshops are held during the year to assist students in identifying stress and developing skills to manage it more effectively.

Gender Sexuality Alliance Group

Students from all grades are invited to work together to develop a safe place for students of diverse orientations and provides an opportunity for students of any orientation to collaborate on making CLHS a comfortable school for everyone.  Meeting on Tuesdays and Thursday at lunch with Mrs. Iroume, provide time to work together to discuss issues, inform and plan to continue building an excellent school environment.  The alliance also works with and supports City of Cold Lake activities to promote community safety.

Community Helpers

Community Helpers is a peer based program focused on teaching students how to connect their friends with appropriate community agencies so that they may offer their supports. This is a suicide intervention program however it doesn't limit the students that can be supported as we teach the Community Helpers about all of the available community agencies that are available to them in times of need. 

Best Buddies Program

Best Buddies Canada was started in 1993.  The mission of this program is to expand the number of volunteers who will create opportunities for one-to-one friendships and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Starting in 2014, CLHS is growing this program, having students volunteer in these important roles.  Students interested in participating are asked to see Miss Iroume or Mrs. Hefner at the Student Services Office.

The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room is an online program for Cold Lake High School teens, who want to learn new ways to manage symptoms stress, anxiety and depression. 

The program consists of 8 modules which include:

Visualizations to help you relax and take a break from the pressures of life,
Fresh insights from a medical expert that have helped others move forward in their lives,
An engaging program host who guides you through the program and shares personal experiences,
Simple off-line activities to try out the ideas presented,
Music that expresses emotions we can all relate to,
Movie and book suggestions,
True stories written by young people who have dealt with a tough situation, and
Jokes to lighten your mood.

To access The Breathing Room click here

Counsellor's Recommended Parent Links

It’s my job to help every student in any situation at any time,  please come in to the Student Support Services office and see me (Miss. Iroume),  email me at, or call to book an appointment

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Counsellor's Recommended Student Links

It’s my job to help every student in any situation at any time,  please come in to the Student Support Services office and see me (Miss. Iroume), email me at or call the High School to book an appointment





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