Student Counseling

February 2023 - Compassion

Posted on: Feb 6 2023

Welcome to February! The month of Kindness.  This month we are focusing on Compassion. At Cold Lake High School students and staff will be taking part in Pink Shirt Day (February 22, 2023) and will have…

March 2023 - Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on: Mar 8 2023

Last month CLHS students and staff took part in Random Acts of Kindness Week and Pink Shirt Day. Students and staff shared positive gossip about those they feel had been kind in some way. Students brought…

January 2023 - Self-Care

Posted on: Jan 12 2023

  What is Self-Care: Self-care has been defined as "a multidimensional, multifaceted process of purposeful engagement in strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance well-being." Essentially,…


December 2022 - Gratitude

Posted on: Dec 7 2022

This month at Cold Lake High School we are focusing on Gratitude.  What Is Gratitude? While it can look a little different from one person to another, gratitude is generally defined as a disposition…

November 2022 - Healthy Relationships

Posted on: Nov 9 2022

This month at Cold Lake High School we are focusing on building and maintaining healthy relationships. The keys to a healthy relationship are respect, honesty, trust, equality, and good communication.…

October 2022 - Positive Mindset

Posted on: Oct 5 2022

My name is Lindsay Iroume and I have been the Student Advocacy Counsellor at Cold Lake High School since 2009. I have a strong athletics background and believe in the importance of sport in youth’s…